Bullzeye Oilfield Services


Professional. Experienced. Complete.


Our Vision

We'll shoot you straight and we're right on the money. Customer satisfaction is our target, and accuracy is our goal.

Our Mission

Bullzeye Oilfield Services is dedicated to being a leader in the wireline service industry by providing knowledgeable and well-trained employees who act ethically and responsibly to the customer's best interest. By using proven and innovational methods, alongside our reliable equipment, we will minimize costs and complete our work fast and efficiently. Safety is our upmost concern and our employees are our most important asset. Through preventative measures and proper training we will ensure that a safe work environment is maintained.

What To Expect

expectationsWelcome to the best. Bullzeye Oilfield Services is a cased-hole wireline service company located in Bowie, Texas that specializes in the logging and perforating of oil and natural gas wells. Services include: cement bond logging (with or without pressure) to verify the quality of a cement job on a well, temperature logging to detect leaks and formation disruptions, perforating for completing and producing wells, plugging to isolate active zones from the rest of a well, acid spotting to stimulate well production and pipe recovery for the salvaging of casing. Alongside the equipment necessary to perform work on high-pressure wells we are able to perform all of the above services on active wells.

Bullzeye's shop location is atop the northern portion of the Barnett Shale. The Barnett Shale is a large natural gas reserve that covers 5,000 square miles and 17 counties. It is widely believed that the Barnett Shale may be the largest onshore natural gas field in the U.S. with an estimated 26 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. The Barnett Shale's behemoth size offers room for expansion and growth, and with 6.4% of all inshore rigs in Texas being located in our district, the Barnett Shale is a great place to take advantage of this growing market.

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