Our Company & Team

From humble beginnings in North Texas to the ground-breaking operation that stands today, Bullzeye has maintained a straightforward vision, focusing on innovation, process, and a strong sense of family. Our success hinges on our employees’ commitment to improving themselves as well as their process and techniques.


Zackry Maxey, Founder, President

Zackry is second generation wireline and he has been learning the industry literally his entire life.

He became a student of the industry while working in his father’s shop in 1998 (Max-Line, Inc.). With the mentorship of Keith Maxey, Zackry’s learning curve was greatly accelerated. At 13 he could tie-in to open-hole logs and perforate. At 15 he could run Cement Bond Logs. At 18 he was learning pipe recover from Steve Carlisle. When Zackry graduated from college at 22 he was already one of the most versed wireline engineers in the industry.

Zackry is a graduate of Texas State University and holds a Bachelor of business with concentration in entrepreneurial studies. He is also a cofounder of Epsilon Nu Tau. A fraternity that mentors and helps young entrepreneurs realize their business dreams. He also made the prestigious dean’s list in 2009.

With deep seated roots in the industry, and the best mentors and coaches, Zackry drives Bullzeye to be a learning company focused on innovation and efficiency.

Keith Maxey, Founder, Vice president Operations

Keith has acquired more than more than 35 years of wireline experience and his accomplishments are numerous. Successfully managing wireline companies for more 20 years has earned him a reputation as a developer of the industry and its process.

As a young man he worked in steel and construction contracting. He spent eighteen years with Schlumberger as a student of the trade, which he remains today.

With an astute group of pioneers, Keith played an integral role in developing the first horizontal pump-down for stage-frac-work. This method entirely changed the economics surrounding tight shale plays.

Keith Holds patents for a tubing conveyed one trip circulating/perforating gun, and created a plug/shoot adapter that is used world-wide today.

He is unquestionably a pioneer to the wireline industry.

Misti Maxey, Vice President of Finance

Misti is a product of the mentorship of Keith Maxey. Starting in Junior Highschool, she began learning how to manage the finances of a wireline company (Max-Line, inc.). Misti has since accumulated 15 years of experience in finance and accounting for wireline companies. Misti also deals with insurance, ATF, taxes, compliance and legal aspects. Her contributions create an environment that Bullzeye can flourish in.

Jason Laporte, Division Manager: Logging and Mechanical Services (Elmendorf,TX)

Jason has gathered 10 years of experience in domestic and international oil/gas exploration, completion, production operations and management. He has 4 years in the wireline industry and has worked in the oil fields of Utah, Colorado, Texas and internationally. Before his start in the wireline industry his background was in the usage of heavy equipment, FRAC, Drilling and law enforcement. Jason’s passion for learning eventually lead him into wireline, where he continues to strive to be the best at what he does. His positive attitude and stark initiative aids Bullzeye in staying a cut above the competition.