Mechanical Services


“Character is like a tree and reputation like its shadow” – Abraham Lincoln

Bullzeye Oilfield Services is reputable for reliable crews with great work-ethic and values. You can depend on your personnel to be on time every time. Our team member’s meticulous maintenance of equipment and records coupled with experience and ambition is a tried and true formula for success.

Production Packers

Get equipment to bottom hole and profits to bottom line fast. Set your production packer safely and efficiently before running tubing. Bullzeye offers specialized lubricator packages and training for completing this service scientifically with minimum strain.

Cement Retainers

Don’t poor let cement squeeze your budget. Use a wireline-set cement retainer to squeeze your well.

Bridge plugs

Protect your well and protect yourself. From 2” coil tubing to 13” surface casing, and from composite to Cast Iron, Bullzeye offers the plugs, setting equipment, and expertise to isolate zones or abandon wells.


Deliver great results. Whether it’s protecting downhole equipment with sand, dumping cement on a bridge plug, or spotting a column of acid before perforating, a dump bailer can be a very versatile tool.