“Science is the systematic classification of experience”

If you are conducting stage work, it is likely that you are using methods and equipment innovated by Bullzeye’s founders. The people behind the first pump-down perforating run and the design of a plug-shoot adapter to increase efficiency are the people behind Bullzeye Oilfield Services.


Set your completion on the right path. Bullzeye offers experience in tractoring perforating guns when no holes are available. If holes are available, pump a gun string down and prep your well for success.


Completions made scientific. With a six sigma focus on quality control and a scientific approach to gun loading, Bullzeye delivers consistent run-rates that exceed expectations.

Circulating Holes

Never pull a wet string again. Bullzeye will punch circulating holes in the tubing while protecting the casing so the rig can keep moving and stay dry.

Squeeze holes

Squeeze your costs. Bullzeye offers squeeze holes in conjunction with cement retainers to make operations more efficient and cost effective.