Pipe Recovery


“The magical formula that successful businesses have discovered is to treat customers like guests and employees like people.” – Tom Peters

Pipe recovery is a delicate mix of formulas, experience and luck. Bullzeye’s pipe recovery specialists have learned the trade that has selectively transcended the generations. Through training, mentorship, and age old techniques Bullzeye can get you out of a bind fast.

Free-Point Logging

Pin-point your problem. Bullzeye offers freepoint tools to determine exactly where the pipe is stuck. Use this service to determine the best method for recovery.


We got this. Use this recovery method to free yourself from problems, allowing the customer to get the fishing tools needed in the hole.


Sometimes it’s best to cut ties. Bullzeye provides a wide range of cutters including: Jet cutters, chemical cutters and radial cutting torches. When other options are not available, one of these may suffice.

Circulating Holes

Never pull a wet string again. Bullzeye will punch circulating holes in the tubing while protecting the casing so the rig can keep moving and stay dry.